Lower dolpo Trekking - 18 Nights 19 Days

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Duration: 18 Nights 19 Days
Best Time: Sep/October and April to July
Transport: Bus & Plane
Minimum Pax: 2
Places Cover: Kathmandu-Juphal-Numu la Baga la pass -Ringmo Lake -Dunai-Juphal-Nepalgunj -Kathmandu

Trip Overview

Lower Dolpo trekking starts from  Dunai, but we need to take day flights to Kathmandu Nepalgunj night stop in Nepalgunj and next day flight to Juphal then first-day trekking to Dunai.Lower Dolpo trekking one of the most beautiful destinations a hidden popular remote trekking in Nepal. This trekking is a far west region of Nepal which you need special trekking permit for this trek. But trekking Permit coast is not very expensive like as Mustang and Upper Dolpo trekking. For the trekking, permit cost is only 10$ per week per person. You need to have a minimum two-week Itinerary and Permit. The trek is real Adventures and interesting trekking region in Dolpo Nepal. Lower Dolpo trekking covered (7,889 sq) Kilometers, it is the largest district of Nepal and yet one of the most spread populated place. The region of this trekking is a rich natural beauty like flora and fauna. We highly recommend this trekking is better if we conduct from September to 15 October and May to end of June. Lower Dolpo circuit trekking is not difficult and not the hard passes, lower Dolpo trekking popular route and important pass Numula and Bagala the highest pass of Lower Dolpo trekking, which contains snow even in the month of August. This trekking road of gradually declines and most the road is full of tall barren hills and with vegetation. From the Numu la and Bagala pass offer us an amazing view of Mt Kanjiroba. We pass through the traditional Tibetans lifestyle in this region, we pass Yaks and sheep’s through the valley on a trade route of the Himalayas exchanges the good, and ideas between Tibetan plateau the valley of Dolpo. In this trek when we pass Numula and Babal then trekking toward to Shey Phoksundo national park, therefore, you will find the plethora of the vegetation. Animals, birds and numerous to wonder in the area. We hope you will love and enjoy this adventures trip.

Detailed Itinerary

  • 1
    Day 1 : Arrival in Kathmandu (1,300m).

    Arrival Kathmandu airport and transfer tothe hotel.

  • 2
    Day 2 : Permit ensuing day.
    Your free day at Kathmandu hotel includes with bed and breakfast. We need your original passport including Nepali Visa to prepare for the Restricted Special Trekking permit, After preparing your permit Nepal Alsace trek will brief for your Trekking details.
  • 3
    Day 3 : Fly to Kathmandu-Nepalgunj.

    From Kathmandu day fly to Nepalgunj and transfer to hotel include dinner.

  • 4
    Day 4 : Plane-Juphal and Dunai (2,090m).

    From Nepalgunj fly to Juphal and 3 hours your first day walking to Dunai. Stay overnight at the tent.

  • 5
    Day 5 : Dunai-Tarkot (2,580m).

    From Dunai 5/6 hours walking to Tarakot is Name of a village where Sherpa people and Magar community people leave. we'll spend our Night at the big camping ground near the police station. Stay overnight at the tent.

  • 6
    Day 6 : Tarakot-Lahini Kharka (3,005m).

    From Traktor 5/6 hours walking to Lahini Kharka.From Tarakot to Lahini Kharka is quite a hard trial but the scenario of the Dolpo help to gain energy or enthusiasm to move forward! Lani kHarka is the place where Tibetan people use to spend the night at ancient Period as their campsite so, we can find 1 house similar to Tibetan shelter where we stay for the night at camp.

  • 7
    Day 7 : Laini Kharka-Bavo Cave (3,500m).

    From Lahini Kharka 5/6 hours walking to Bavo Cave, Laini to Bavio cave is pleasant way But it is impossible to find habitation. So, we have to stay at the place called Bavyo cave (Gufa) which is also the campsite for Tibetan as well as people who came to search a Herbs (Yarshagumbas) etc. And the cave is Near to River so the night will be full of music of river. Overnight at the tent.

  • 8
    Day 8 : Bavo Cave to Dho Trap (4,190m).

    From The Bavyo Cave, 5/6 hours walking to Dho Tarap-Bivo cave to Dhotarap is the easy and Flat way where we take way through Riverside, and we can have mesmerizing views of Different Crystal Mountains standing next to us. And we can get to the DhoTarap at our lunchtime so it ’s an easy day for Trekkers and the DhoTarap is the oldest and the biggest village of Lower Dolpo circuit. Overnight at the tent.

  • 9
    Day 9 : Dhotrap –Numula Base camp (4,300m).

    From Dho 5 hours walking to Numu La base camp.DhoTarap to Numala base camp is also easy way but due to different climate as Tibet makes us hard to do pass so we need to stay at base camp after 4 hours of walk and rest. Overnight at the tent.

  • 10
    Day 10 : Numula pass and Bagala Base camp (4,700m).

    Numu La Base Camp 5/6 hours walking Via Numu La pass (5,128m) and Baga La Base camp- Numala pas is an interesting pass because we can have panoramic views of different mountains like Kanjiroba (6,883m) and much more Himalayan range. It needs 2 hours to get to the top of the Numala pas and after doing pass we’ll move on for another pass called”Bagala. Overnight at the tent.

  • 11
    Day 11 : Bagala Pass and Phedi (3,653m).

    Baga La Base Camp 4 hours walking Via Baga La pass (5,169m) and Baga La Phedi is the greenery land where the habitation of different animals like Blue sheep, musk deer etc. To do Bagala we need 3 hours Up to the pass and 2 hours down where is our camp. Overnight at the tent.

  • 12
    Day 12 : Bagala Phedi-Ringmo PhokSaidu Lake (3,600m).

    Baga La Phedi 4/5 hours walking to Ringmo Lake overnight at Camp. The way is quite muddy but the scenario is Heartbreaking. So, we take a small path on the high hill so it will be a new experience for trekkers and it is the day when we get to the Phoksundo Lake world the drippiest lake and the most beautiful lake you’ll ever see. Where the drippiest George of world standing. Overnight at the tent.

  • 13
    Day 13 : Rest day at Phoksindu Lake.

    Poksundo Lake Rest day overnight at Camp, To Rest is Poksundo is the one of best decision because we’ll have time to visit the village and lake which is the experience of the lifetime. And the trial for Upper Dolpo also can be seen from here. Overnight at the tent.

  • 14
    Day 14 : Phoksidu-Richi Gaun (3,011m).

    From Ringmo Lake 5/6 hours walking to Reji Gaon. Now we are moving toward the valley of civilizations so the way is proper and we can see the big habitation around this trial. Overnight at the tent.

  • 15
    Day 15 : Richi-Raktang

    From Richi Gaun 5/6 hours walking to Raktang, Reji to Raktang is also the similar way and the campsite is well managed so it’ll be an easy day for us. Overnight at the tent.

  • 16
    Day 16 : Rimtang-Juphal

    From Raktang 5/6 hours walking to the Juphal Last day. Jhupal is the big village will attract us and we can celebrate the last day after hard walking days as a family. Overnight at the tent.

  • 17
    Day 17 : Juphal-Nepalgunj-Kathmandu.

    Fly back to Juphal- Nepalgunj and day flight to Kathmandu and transfer to the hotel.

  • 18
    Day 18 : Kathmandu.

    Free day at Kathmandu hotel include with bed and breakfast.

  • 19
    Day 19 : Departure.

    After breakfast drive to the international airport for your scheduled flight back to home.

Cost Includes

  • Arrival Departure Transport Car/ Van/ Hiace.
  • Kathmandu-Nepalgunj-Juphal-Nepalgunj-Kathmandu Plane.
  • Hotel in Kathmandu 4 Nights with bed and Breakfasts.
  • English Speaking Trekking guide, cook and porters.
  • All the ground transportation.
  • BREAKFAST/ Eggs items,Toust, Or Tibetan bread, pancake, Or Chapati with honey, Jam, Butter or Muesli, Corn flakes with hot milk,
  • LUNCH/ Nepali Dalbhat, Momo or other (Items).
  • DINNER/ (Soup items) Veg, Mushroom,Or Tomato, Or Chicken, noodles with Papad or pop corn. (Dinner) Spaghettis, Sandwich,Or Chips, Pizza, Macaroni,Or Chow men or spring roll.
  • HOT DRINKS/ Black tea with milk, Black coffee with milk, Lemon tea or hot chocolate.
  • Camping gears /Tow meant Tent, Dining Tent toilet Tent Kitchen Equipment.
  • Lower Dolpo special Trekking Permit and Park fee.
  • One night hotel in Nepalgunj including dinner.
  • please bring 4 passport Size pictures

Cost Excludes

  • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu.
  • Kathmandu Entre Visa fee 15 Days 25 US$ and for the 30 Days 40 US$, You can obtain your visa in Kathmandu airport if you have not taken from your Country.
  • All the personal expenses and your Trekking Equipment
  • Tips for your Guide-Cook and porter’s.
  • Daily and due to weather
  • Soft and hard drinks Such as, Beer,Fanta Coke, Mineral water.
  • Your Travels Insurance Policy encase accident and high altitude sickness.



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Notes : Payment should be made 35 % of total amount in advance. Full amount must be paid before start your trip. Cancellation should be made 48 hours before departure and 25% cancellation charge is applicable beside Tax, transportation, permits and others fixed expensive. In case of incomplete Trekking / Tour / Rafting / Climbing / Jungles safari / or others days due to the client own problem the amount of money paid not refundable. If clients want to do Trekking / Tour / Rafting / Climbing / Jungles safari / or others tours more than itinerary, they can pay after back from tour with per day basic but should be permission with our Guide.