Dolpo Nepal

Dolpo Nepal

Dolpo is an unexplored trekking destination that lies in the western part of Nepal. However each year few tourist do visit Dolpo region but not as expected because While doing trek in Nepal people usually focused on Everest base camp Trek and other bigger mountain destination which makes people to forget about the stunning and majestic trekking destination which is hidden behind big mountains like Dolpo trek and a lifetime opportunity to experience typical culture and the nature that can captivate you instantly which they have preserved form centuries.

Dolpo lies in the western part of Nepal lying in the rain shadows of Mt Dhaulagiri (8167m), churn Himal many more mountains and Tibetan mountains that is why annual precipitation is normally less than 500 millimeters which are lowest compared to all other parts of Nepal reason we call Dolpo a deserted Land of Nepal.

Dolpo Valley consisting numbers of Bon and Tibetan Buddhist monasteries which are still in the same condition regarding the art, culture and where some of  Holy Lama had enlightened through solitary meditation and heritage. People still do follow culture and religion from the very beginning of the people’s habitant such as Buddha Jayanti, Sonam Loshar, very important they festival at Dolpo Say Gumba monasteries ground.

The blend of typical Tibetan and Nepali mixed lifestyle and the beauty of the region make it nothing but the opportunity to explore and get close with the typical lifestyle of Himalaya people. While doing this trek we will follow the old caravan route to Tibet and the Tibetan influenced lifestyle. Before it was easy to do trade with Tibet because of upon border but now it’s difficult and for agriculture, also because of desert land low land quality it is very difficult for people of Dolpo. the remoteness of the region Journey. The Dippiest Lake in the whole Himalaya the collage view of Mountain Kanjiroba and more and more things to explore make it one of the most difficult desirable trekking Destinations of Nepal.                                     

If you are willing to have a sense of actual trekking and the exploration of nature which dwells with culture lifestyle the Dolpo is perfectly fit. Dolpo is less crowded trekking destination because it is quite hard for those who are not used to do multi-days camping trek and depend upon physical condition of a person where sometimes we need to do 2 passes in a day and the feeling you get while doing this trek is more than you expected and the perfect satisfaction of doing trekking for true trekkers.