Faq Nepal Travel

Faq Nepal Travel

Faq Nepal Travel

How is trekking Nepal?

Answer:  We have many trekking region witches can do older age, youngest age and we have difficulty trek also available in Nepal, especially in Nepal the easy short trek and long high trek but need a more fitness, for the all treks climbing peaks are a list, you will be able to select the pace and direction of your expertise.

How many hours do we walk in a day?

Answer:   Four to six hours per day, we start am the morning after breakfast and well be reached next destination from 4 pm to 5 pm evening.

Where we stay during the trek?

Answer:  Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang region, Manaslu region there are nice cline Lodges with Dining room, toilet, and our meals are in the lodge, but highlander areas we most share dormitories room.

What is the Camping trek?

Answer:  For the Camping trek our agency will provide a sleeping tent, Matters, Dining tent, Kitchen equipment, Cook, Sherpa, and Porters.

Faq Nepal Travel

What are the paths to be like the trekking areas?

Answer:  Most of the paths that there are nature trails in the mountains area, where the trek staring time is followed typical villages, rivers crossing, bridges crossing and bridges are made with cables, wire, and plank is enough for heavily laden pack animals.

What is Altitude sickness?  

Answer:   High altitude sickness called altitude sickness, normally people ascend very quickly usually over 3,000M, someone feels it difficult breath and headache, but drink enough waters, more Shops tan it will help very much in altitude area.

What happens if there is an emergency case?

Answer:  Our guide will advise you more information about altitude sickness then if more problems then there is an alternative way we will call immediate rescue if your insurance covers the evacuations.

Why we will go trek with Dhane Gurung and Amrit Gurungs Agency.

Faq Nepal Travel


They are very old experiences of Nepal trekking and climbing they are trained guides, they are frankly. Helpful, honest and they speak the extra language.

If we book a package trip with them then what’s thy will provide the Services?  


They will provide Experience guides, porters, Permits, transport, meals three times a day, they will also provide a hotel in Kathmandu, etc.