Important things

Important things

to know before going trekking and mountaineering in Nepal

1-Weather will not always be perfect

We already know this weather is the most important factor while mountaineering so no matter how skilled or experienced climber you are we always have to respect nature. Get ready for half of your trek and mountaineering trip to be in lousy weather. So try to have some extra days so you can have more chance of getting good weather.

2-climbing Mountain 

Peak climbing is not a walk-in park. We have to exercise mentally plus physically before planning for trekking and mountaineering in Nepal.

3-While doing high pass trekking

Trekking and climbing mountaineering in Nepal sometimes we have to go through headaches, Loss of appetite, getting tired and even you feel very energy which is common and possible things in high altitudes so you need to consult with the guide and calm down.

4-While trekking

Trekking & mountaineering at high altitudes the main thing you can do is always follow the rule and plans prepared by a guide and always consult with the guide.

Important things

5-High altitude

Causes memory loss for a certain period so you always have to look after your valuable essentials like a camera, cash, and other exorbitant stuff.


For food and beverage, you always have to be very careful. Always try to consume healthy organic food and for water try to have boiled or bottled water and hydrate yourself as much as you can.


Nepal is a country of mountains so sometimes while taking a domestic flight you might face flight delays because of weather conditions and air traffic in a situation like this always try to be patient.

9-Even for accommodation

During trekking and peak climbing sometimes you will not get the desired room and quality food because we are at a high altitude and also you might not get food at the time you wanted which is normal in the mountains so be positive in a situation like this.


yourself according to the time and conditions.

11- Difficult situation

The actual time when you need to follow the autocratic rule of a Guide but other conditions try to give equal suggestions and try to follow democratic leadership.

12-Keep motivating

You help each member of a group. You have to look after each other in a group. Take the initiative to create a happy and trustable environment that will bring positive vibes and even increase the probability of a successful trip.

Thank you and Namaste.