River Rafting -

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Best Time: October to June
Transport: Bus
Minimum Pax: 2

River Rafting

  • Apart from Hiking and trekking, River Rafting in Nepal is considered to be one of the most adventurous and adrenaline rushing activitiesKathmandu with a Jungle safari in the world.

Trishuli River Rafting 1 or 2 Days (Kathmandu to Kathmandu)

  • Trisuli River is one of the most popular Nepali rivers for rafting. It also offers plenty of excitement for the new rafters. Due to its proximity to Kathmandu and the easy road access. This river is nearby Kathmandu and Pokhara as well. Furthermore, It is the cheapest river trip available in Nepal. A river trip on Trishuli can be combined with trips to Chitwan and Pokhara.

Departure: every day (Kathmandu or Pokhara or Chitwan.)

River Rafting

Bhotekoshi River Rafting:  2 Days (Kathmandu to Kathmandu.

  • Bhote Koshi River is a two-day adventurous trip. The rafting site is located three hours from Kathmandu. Twenty-six kilometers of continuous whitewater soaks rafters as they shoot through a veritable maze of canyons and boulders. However, it is the steepest river raft in Nepal and requires a lot of concentration. Starting above Barabise, you raft down to the dam at Lamosangu.

Kaligandaki River Rafting: “Holiest River” 3 Days (Pokhara to Pokhara.

  • River Kali Gandaki winds through remote canyons and deep gorges of intense rapids. Starting at Baglung, you could raft down to Andi Khola overall for 3 days. Trips on the Kali Gandaki begin and end in Pokhara and offer an exciting alternative to the Trisuli. Overall the runs flow 72 km and its challenges are continuous.

Sunkoshi River Rafting:  9 Days (Kathmandu to Kathmandu.

  • River Sun Koshi is Nepal’s longest rafting trip. The rafting site, three hour drive from Kathmandu is more accessible than Karnali. The run is 270 km and requires 8 to 9 days from Dolalghat to end Chatara down to the Indo-Gangetic plains. Specifically, the first couple of days is relatively easy while surprises sneak up on you during the last days.

River Rafting

Karnali River Rafting: “Peacock River”: 11 Days (Kathmandu to Kathmandu.

  • River Karnali in the far west is the longest and largest river in Nepal. It flows through steep, jagged canyons where the rapids are tightly packed, offering continuous challenging water at all flows. A bus ride to far-western Nepal or a flight to Nepalgunj can be taken to the rafting site. It takes about 10 days to navigate the 90 kilometers of canyons and waterfalls. During most of this trip, human habitations have not interrupted any wilderness.

Seti Khola: “An adventure river” 2 Days Pokhara.

  • Seti River from Damouli is roughly 160 kilometers west of Kathmandu. Moreover, Rafters encounter several rapids before reaching the Trishuli River. Also, the Hindu religious site Devghat marks the confluence of Kali Gandaki and Trishuli and becomes River Narayani. Although, Rafters have a choice of either coming back to Kathmandu or continuing the journey to visit the Chitwan National Park.
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