Mountain view with budged trek Nepal

Mountain view with budged trek Nepal

Budget trek to Nepal that offers mountain views can be done by Nepal Alsace trek & expedition company that offers more than 4,000 high meters trekking in 4 nights and 5 days. A 4 night, 5-day trek to the top of the mountain with a view of the lake and beautiful Tamangs and other cultures awaits.

Mountain view trek Nepal is a very easy trek suitable for families and people of all ages, who do not need mountaineering equipment, just normal items. On the trek, you can stay at a good lodge with a bathroom, a toilet, and a dining room, as well as food such as Tibetan, Chinese, and western foods


There are many types of food from Nepal, India, and Italy. On this budget trek, the lodge provides you with Nepali blankets if it is cold at the night. There are not too many people on the budget trek and there are fewer trekkers.

Easy trip to Nepal

Mountain view with budged trek Nepal

Viewing the mountain with budget trek Nepal you will get a public bus instead of a flight ticket, but if you want to hire your own transportation, it is possible, but is expensive and will require 4/5 hours of drive, versus the public bus which will take 7/8 hours.

Mountain view with budged trek Nepal


Mountain View

With budget trek Nepal, you will need a park and TIMS card trekking permit. It is not a very cold region for your holiday travel in Nepal during this trek, it is only 4 or 5 degrees during the night. With Budget Trek Nepal, you will be able to take a guide and a porter up the mountain. Traveling with Nepali staff is safe. They will carry your bags and the guide will deal with lodges and food, he knows where to find the best lodges for this trek. Our porter carries the big bag during your wake, so you should only carry a small bag.

I am very grateful that you chose Mountain View trek with Budget trek Nepal