Nepal Nontourist region

Nepal Nontourist region

  • The non-Tourist region trekking Nepal is 157 Kilometers from Kathmandu. You will get the local public bus which cost more the 900 Nepali rupees it takes 8-9 hours from Kathmandu and you can visit Gurung village they are the quiet local people plus they don’t speak English they speak only Nepali and Gurung Langue. In the place called Dhading Baseri Dada Gaun, there is a small health post that is donned by CCF Board America. If you are a doctor or nurse you can work there as a volunteer service. This village is quite remote and has poor distention. If you travel to this place you don’t need any trekking permits, just take a guide and food service if you don’t get a variety’s food like Tourist trekking routes. You will find black tea and Nepali Dal Bhat and Sleep at the smaller house.

Non-Tourists trek Nepal

  • For a truly authentic experience of Nepal, it’s sometimes necessary to get “off the beaten path”. Providing trekking services in non-tourist areas and organizing alternative treks for our clients is one of our major goals. As well as providing more authentic experiences, alternative treks can also help develop poorer areas with correct and sustainable eco-trekking. Since many world travelers are beginning to request these types of treks,

The non-Tourist region trekking Nepa

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  • We make exploration treks to unknown areas every year. Several of our treks and programs, particularly the alternative treks, consist of very basic homestay arrangements or even camping. You will have a truly unique experience as you are fully immersed in the Nepali culture. Experience the magic of Nepal’s seldom-seen sights. Several of these treks are less remote and not as difficult as hard-core adventurers’ treks. Some of them can be reached via popular trekking routes, but they tend to be in areas nobody usually visits. There are many places in the world that are culturally rich and scenic, and allow you to see the beautiful countryside and tiny villages. You can explore this magical and welcoming land through the following new trekking itineraries.

Nepal Nontourist region

  • Welcome to contact Nepal Nontourist Trek. Nepal Alsace Trek and expedition company will help your nontourist holiday travels in Nepal.