Dhane Gurung

Dhane Gurung is a famous trekker and climber guide. His climbs include Mera Peak (6,461m), which is the most challenging in the world. Island Peak (6,100m) and Naya kanga Peak (5,844m). Pisang Peak (6,091m) and many more peaks in the Nepal Himalaya Range. The languages he speaks are Nepali English and French.

Dhane Gurung was born in Manaslu, a region in Nepal. His parents were Manaslu and Ganesh Himal. As a Porter at Annapurna since 1981, he comes from a medium family with a military background. He worked as a porter for Annapurna on one expedition in 1981 and received a salary of 12 rupees per day.


 Experience of Nepal Trekking

Afterward, there were expeditions to Annapurna. During his search for more trekking jobs in Kathmandu, he was fortunate to get a more trekking job from Kathmandu’s office from an agency as kitchen staff. In 1983, he began gaining more experience and seniority and became a trekking cook. While he did not speak English well, and despite the lack of guides in Nepal at that time, he started working as a Trekking guide in 1984. He gradually gained communication skills and was able to upgrade himself as he acquired new knowledge and experience. He was able to achieve what he is today. Currently, he owns a small trekking company that provides full and responsible trekking in Nepal. Starting off as a porter and now becoming an owner, his journey has taught him the patience of a man who loves his country and is willing to do whatever he can for it.

Because my English is good and I have a mountaineering course, I have been a Nepalese guide for more than 30 years.

Since 1990, I have guided peak climbing trips in Nepal for Experience Nepal. I climbed over 6000 meters with German, French, and Japanese climbers. My long guideline concluded with a visit to France, Germany, and Austria. I visited Europe for the first time in my life. There are many mountains in Germany and France, but there are fewer high-altitude mountains that look very large.

I founded my own trekking agency Nepal Alsace Trek & Expedition company after guiding for many years.

I now organize Nepal Trekking trips and peak-climbing expeditions.

You may contact us by email if you require further information regarding Nepal holiday trips.

Right now. Since 28 Jue 2022, I have been elected the Secretary of the Nepal Mountaineering Association.

Mr. Dhan Bahadur Gurung Secretary of NMA Nepal with Central Secretariat office.

Secretary of NMA